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Hose, Tubing and Couplings
Air-pro Braided PVC Hose
Air-pro Food Grade Braided PVC Hose BS6066 & ISO5774
Lightweight Flexible Reinforced PVC Hose
Hi-Vis Braided PVC Hose
Parker Rectus Tema PVC Hose and Assemblies
AIRPRO PVC Hose and Assemblies
PVC Hose and Assemblies
AIRPRO Tube Supports
KELM Polyurethane Tube
KELM Polyurethane Recoil Hoses
KELM Nylon Tubing & Tube Cutters
KELM Nylon Tubing
KELM Nylon Recoil Hoses
Air-pro Nylon Tubing
Parker Legris Nylon Tubing
Air-pro Polyurethane Tube & Assemblies
Air-Pro Polyurethane Anti-Spatter Tube & Hose
Air-Pro Tube & Hose Cutters
Tefen High Density Polyethylene Tube
John Guest LLDPE & Synflex Tube
Eaton Synflex LLDPE & Synflex Tube
Parker Legris Tubing
Parker Legris Liquifit Tubing
Parker Legris Tubing
Air-pro Specialist Hose & Tubing
Automotive Tubing & Hose
Superior Rubber Alloy Air Hose & Assemblies
Air-pro Specialist Hose & Tubing
Air Tool Hose Assemblies
Airpro Multi Swivel Air Couplings
Air-pro Compressed Air Hose & Assemblies
Jaymac Specialist Hose & Tubing
Jaymac Gas Hose
Jaymac Welding Hose Sets & Couplings
Jaymac Oxy/Acetylene Equipment
Air-pro Lube-Cool 1/4" & 1/2" System
Push Style Hose System
Air-pro Over Braided Hose & Fittings
Copper Tubing
Copper Tubing & Accessories
Jaymac Superior Safety Compressed Air Hose Assemblies
Jaymac Safety Compressed Air Hose & Assemblies
Jaymac Petrol Driven Water Pumps
Jaymac Layflat Hose
Jaymac Suction Hose
Jaymac Water Delivery Hose
Jaymac Wire Reinforced Suction Hose
Jaymac Contractors Hose
Composite Hose Assemblies
Hozelock Tricoflex Hozelock Tricoflex
Automotive Tubing & Hose
Industrial Hose
Jaymac Industrial Hose
Jaymac Anti-Static Hose
Jaymac Breathing Air Hose
Breathing Air Hose Assemblies
Venair Industrial Hose
Industrial PU Ducting
Norres Abrasion-resistant, Anti-static Industrial PU Ducting
Norres Heavy Duty Abrasion-resistant, Anti-static Industrial PU Ducting
Norres Specialist Woodworking & Timber Processing PU Ducting
Norres Food, Beverage & Pharmaceutical Grade Hose & Ducting
Norres High Performance Anti-static Suction & Delivery Hoses
Norres Lightweight PVC Ducting
Norres PVC Industrial Hose & Ducing
Norres High Temperature Neoprene & Silicone Ducting
Norres High Temperature Ducting
Norres High Temperature Industrial CP Ducting (Clip Ducting)
Norres Industrial Vacuum Hoses
Norres ATEX Compliant Industrial Ducting
Norres Specialist Clamping Equipment for Industrial Hose & Ducting
Masterflex Industrial Hose & PVC Ducting
Conah Hose Reels
Automatic Hose Reels
Hose Reels
Redashe Hose Reels
Nederman Self-retracting Hose Reels
Jaymac Lever Lock Water Pump Couplings
Dallai Lever Lock Water Pump Couplings
Dallai Stainless Steel Lever Lock Water Pump Couplings
Jaymac 10 Bar Water Suction Hose
Jaymac Yellow PVC Layflat Assemblies
Jaymac Blue PVC Layflat Assemblies
Jaymac Green Suction Hose Assemblies
Fire Hose Reels and Accessories
Jaymac Fire Hose & Instantaneous Fire Hose Couplings
Jaymac Standpipes, Manhole & Drain Keys
Jaymac Industrial Polypropylene Compression Type Hose Fitting
Jaymac Quick Release Pneumatic Hose Couplings
Airpro Quick Release Pneumatic Hose Couplings
Jaymac Quick Release Pneumatic Hose Couplings
Ludecke Quick Release Pneumatic Hose Couplings
Jaymac Quick Release Pneumatic Hose Couplings
Jaymac Clamps, Nuts & Bolts
Jaymac Shotblast Couplings, Hose & Nozzle Holders
Genuine Unicone Fittings
Jaymac Pipe Bungs
Jaymac Steel Air and Steam Couplings and Clamps
Jaymac Steam Couplings
Jaymac Steam Hose & Assemblies
Jaymac Trench Pump Hose Couplings - Lug Type
Jaymac Steel Weld Fittings
Jaymac RJT Couplings
Jaymac Tanker Couplings and Adaptors
Jaymac Combination Steel Nipples and Hose Joiners
Jaymac Hexagon Nuts and Tails
Macdonald Quick Action Couplings
Jaymac Cam & Groove Quick Couplings
Jaymac Cam & Groove Seals & Spares
Jaymac Storz DIN Suction Couplings
Jaymac IBC Off Load System
IBC Off Load System
Jaymac Mortar Hose Couplings & Plugs
Jaymac Flanges
Jaymac Flexile Pipe Joints
Jaymac Flexible Rubber Bellows
Jaymac Foot Valves and Strainers
Jaymac Rotary Pumps and Diaphragm
Water Hoses
Hiprho Spray Guns and Accessories
Hiprho Sprinklers
Irrigation Pipe, Fittings and Accessories
Water Valves & Accessories
Hose, Tubing and Couplings - IBC Off Load System
EPDM, IBC Off Load System


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